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Through our natural liquids transportation and services segment, we own: approximately 4,770 miles of NGL pipelines with an aggregate transportation capacity of approximately 2,053 MBbls/d; six NGL fractionators and a propane de-ethanizer in Mont Belvieu and fractionators at King Ranch and Geismar, LA, with an aggregate capacity of 825,000 Bbls/d; and NGL storage facilities in Mont Belvieu and Hattiesburg with aggregate working storage capacity of approximately 56 million barrels. The NGL pipelines primarily transport NGLs from the Permian, Delaware, Barnett and Eagle Ford Basins to Mont Belvieu.

Lone Star Express

Capacity of 507,000 Bbls/d
Approximately 535 miles of NGL transmission pipelines

The Lone Star Express System is an interstate NGL pipeline consisting of 24-inch and 30-inch long-haul transportation pipeline that delivers mixed NGLs from processing plants in the Permian Basin, the Barnett Shale and East Texas to the Mont Belvieu NGL storage and fractionation facilities. An expansion of the pipeline is currently underway, which will add approximately 400,000 Bbls/d of NGL pipeline capacity from Lone Star’s pipeline near Wink, Texas to the Lone Star Express 30-inch pipeline south of Fort Worth, Texas. It is expected to be in service by the fourth quarter of 2020.


Lone Star Contacts:

NGL Transportation and Fractionation: Mark McKee 713-989-2773
NGL and Refined Products Storage: Valerie White 713-989-2729
Refinery Services: Brian Webb 713-989-2319