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The Energy Transfer Family of Partnerships is dedicated to responsibly and safely delivering America's energy through our commitment to upholding our core values and beliefs in everything we do. We are driven to inspire our employees to create superior value for our customers, our investors, and our unitholders. We also are committed to maintain a unified focus on operating excellence, respecting all others and the communities in which we do business, and creating a sustainable future.

Our core values and beliefs are:


We believe in doing the right thing. We hold our employees to the highest standards of conduct, without compromise. Honesty, integrity and respect in all we do is essential to our success.


We believe in the continual pursuit of excellence and seek to constantly improve what we do and how we do it. We are accountable for our actions and the resulting outcomes that drive us to achieve superior financial and operating results.


We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work through strategic investments of our business resources, financial contributions and employee volunteerism.


We believe in putting safety first. The safety of our employees, the communities in which we do business and the environment are our top priorities.


We believe in respecting all stakeholder groups in the communities in which we do business by establishing open and honest communications and active community outreach programs in order to facilitate the infrastructure needed to transport a diverse, sustainable and reliable supply of energy to meet the needs of all Americans.


We believe in a culture of trust, respect and inclusion and we are grounded in the belief that we will succeed together as one. We recognize that people are our most valued resource and we are committed to growing and developing our employees to allow for a workforce that delivers results and exemplifies our values.


We believe in challenging the status quo by creating a creative and flexible environment that stimulates innovation balanced with thoughtful and measured risk-taking to foster growth. We embrace change and are eager to champion new and better ways to operate in a safer, faster and more cost-efficient manner in everchanging business environments.