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Regasification Facility

Lake Charles LNG Company LLC (previously named Trunkline LNG Company, LLC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETE, owns a LNG import terminal and regasification facility located on the Gulf Coast near Lake Charles, Louisiana. The import terminal has approximately 9.0 Bcf of above ground LNG storage capacity and the regasification facility has a run rate send-out capacity of 1.8 bcf/day. Royal Dutch Shell is the sole customer for the existing regasification facility and is obligated to pay reservation fees for 100% of the regasification capacity regardless of whether it actually utilizes such capacity pursuant to a regasification services agreement that terminates in 2030.

Liquefaction Project

Lake Charles LNG Export Company, LLC ("LCL"), an entity owned 60% by ETE and 40% by ETP, is in the process of developing the liquefaction project in conjunction with Royal Dutch Shell. The liquefaction project is expected to consist of three LNG trains with a combined design nameplate outlet capacity of 16.45 metric tonnes per annum. Once completed, the liquefaction project will enable LCL to liquefy domestically produced natural gas and export it as LNG. By adding the new liquefaction facility and integrating with the existing Lake Charles LNG regasification/import facility, the enhanced facility will become a bi-directional facility capable of exporting and importing LNG.